Monday, 13 April 2015

What Skills Does A GIS Analyst Require ?

What Skills Does A GIS Analyst Require?

Personally, we find that one of the most important requirements lies in developing an accurate position including a reasonable description of expected duties. Within the GIS Community we believe there has always been much confusion regarding this. How often do you see a career posting for a Technician or other "junior" person and the requirements asking for a candidate with a Master's degree and 5 years of hands-on experience? A key to matching up qualified people with the perfect job is to have both sides on the same page and the employee being aware of what is expected of him/her in their duties.

Technical Skills:-

· Strong GIS skills with two or more GIS packages.
· Strong Macro / C / C++ / Visual Basic programming skills.
· Understanding of and/or willing to learn math and statistical analysis.
· Strong Oracle or related RDBMS skills including development skills.
· Excellent verbal / written communication skills.
· Genuinely excited and enthusiastic about learning and pushing technical limits / finding new solutions.
· Good writing skills - for documentation, training, processes.
· Formal training (eg. Degree) or high level of experience with GIS.
· “Hands-on" experience.
· Good analytical / problem solving skills.
· A basic understanding of the concepts behind data management in a relational database.
· Good IT technical skills.

· The ability to think and solve problems.

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