Monday, 25 April 2016

4 Secrets To Professional Success

1. Make A Difference – Not A Fortune

“If you set out to make a fortune, you probably won’t. If you set out to make a difference in the world, you will and you might make a fortune.”

2. Connect The Dots Or Paint By Numbers – Know What’s Right For You

There are two fundamental strategies… connecting dots and paint by numbers. You have to be realistic about who you are. Once you have this model in your head, it sets you free. It’s a strategy.

(With) paint by numbers… if I follow a prescribed course, I’m going to get a good picture. That’s the picture of your life… the picture you’re trying to create in your life. Scientists, professionals like doctors, lawyers, this is the core strategy in a life like that… matching the numbers with the colors.

The other one is connecting the dots. Starting in a place and getting to the next place and then figuring out what the next place is (after that). To do this, you have to do a lot of things that are not digital, they are analog

Tactics required to successfully execute the connect-the-dots strategy.

Persistence & Practice - When it comes to gaining the skills required for success, Mark makes it clear that, “there is no shortcut, (success requires) thousands of hours” of practice. He also notes that if you choose the next dot based on your passions, it will be relatively easy for you to maintain the persistence required to gain the expertise required to achieve success.

Family & Mentors - “A family is the people who believe in you… and make it easier (for you) to be persistent. Mentors are the people you are copying. Mentors and role models are a shortcut to become something you believe in.”

Most parents hate this (the connect-the-dot approach) because it’s ambiguous. ‘Hey, I didn’t pay all this money for you to go to college, to get out there and wander around. What are you going to be?’ Often, parents want you to be a paint-by-numbers person because its less ambiguous, seems more certain… and therefore lower risk.”

3. Good Fortune Matters

Blessings… are things you cannot control. I can be persistent. I can be curious. But I can’t possibly control blessings and good fortune. If you attribute over 50% of the outcome that you will see in your life to good fortune… it will keep you humble and it will help you focus on the things you can control. When you focus on the things you can control, it’s amazing how much good fortune you will have.

4. Always Be A Student – Success Is A Work In Process

“Always see yourself as a student and always understand that success is a work in process, always.” Curious students remain grounded, never take their successes for granted and are always learning.

Ref: Forbes Article (Author: John Greathouse)

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