Thursday, 30 January 2014

How to Write a Good Resume

How to Write a Good Resume
Before you start preparing resume, you must consider very basic and important things. Some of the points you must consider are:
· Resume format- Create your resume in .doc (Microsoft Word) format and .txt format.
· Resume file- Look after the size of the resume file, try to prepare .doc resume file size is less than 100 KB.
· Resume file name- Give good and catchy name for your resume so that your resume's file name should ideally denote your name, experience, technology, years of experience and company name. So keep some valid name for your resume.
Example: Resume_Vijay_Fresher_B Tech_Computers.doc
If you have any work experience, then mention resume file name as
Resume_Vijay_JAVA_2 Years_Wipro.
Once you ready with above mentioned points, you are suppose to write the information in the resume file.
Header- It is the first section in your CV which has sub-sections such as full name, present address, email address and phone number. Mention active email id because it is the most commonly used channel of communication by the recruiters. If you are an experienced candidate, never use official email id or phone number. Avoid details about your marital status, religion, age, personal relation with a company, nationality and avoid writing your reason for leaving your last job. These details are not necessary for initial level. Such above details can be said during your interview process.
Career Object- it is not mandatory but is typically seen in almost all the resume. Always career object should be innovative and challenging which provides the best opportunities for the development and greater responsibilities to contribute towards organization.
Education and qualifications
Mention all your professional qualifications in reverse chronological order, mention latest degree first. Write down the institute name, degree name, university/board name, location, specification, aggregate and time period, do not use table format to mention. Making sure you include all training that's relevant to the job you're applying for.
Employment History
Start with your most recent work history and work backwards chronologically, listing the name of the employer, your job title, the dates you worked there, and your responsibilities, tasks and achievements. Make sure you include everything that's relevant to the job. Give brief information about the projects you undertaken.
Technical Skills
A list of the things you're good at. These can be general skills or skills specific to a particular job. Mention software and hardware skills separately. If you are a bachelor of IT related courses, this section will be important to efficiently mention all software skills like, programming languages, databases, and software tools under software skills heading. Non IT students can list their skills under hardware skills heading. Include strength and achievements.
Personal Details
Here, do not include unnecessary information such as religion, marital status. Mention your father name or guardian’s name, date of birth, nationality, sex, permanent address, and languages known.
So prepare eye catchy resume with the help of Exalt Consulting and get more job opportunities. Wish you very good luck…