Tuesday, 31 March 2015

5 Technical Skills for .NET Programmer !!!

5 Technical Skills for .NET Programmer !!!

#1. Concepts of Object Oriented Programming OOP)
 Every .NET programmer should be able to explain the key concepts of OOP in a very simple way. These are basic skills, but if a developer cannot explain these concepts so that everyone can understand them there is a good chance they will run into problems

#2. Java Script, JQuery. C# and ASP.NET
While programmers technical knowledge is important, you also need to know a programmer knows how to implement their knowledge and skills on a real project, so ask about their real world experience. For a .NET programmer you should be interviewing people who have developed at least four real mid-sized projects that went live in their most recent work experience. You can see some of these skill sets in our sample job description template for .NET programmer.

#3. SQL and/or Oracle Back-End Programming Experience
 All .Net programmers need to have skills and experience beyond developing GUIs. They also need to have some database development experience so that they can properly access and render data.  Again, understanding these skills conceptually is one thing, but having recent relevant experience developing databases that you use in your business are key for a good hire.

#4. Visual Studio IDE
All .Net programmers work in Microsoft Visual Studio, but not all of them work with newer versions. If they don't have experience with the latest version, that is not a deal breaker, but it is important that they have experience using some of the newer versions because that is the only way to ensure applications do not break when new operating systems or browsers are released.

#5. New Areas of .NET
 One of the reasons you are probably looking for a .NET developer in the first place is because there is so much functionality that .NET facilitates and there are constantly new areas added. While you are unlikely to find, or need, a developer who has experience in all aspects of .NET, you should identify the two most important areas

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