Friday, 27 March 2015

How do I choose a career !!

How do I choose a career !!

Since a person’s career is a very personal choice and reflects his or her personality, creativity, interests, and goals, it is sometimes beneficial if one begins by choosing a career path, instead of a career. Often career counselors conduct career pathing sessions with their clients to assist in matching innate skills and abilities with short and long-term goals. As the person continues to climb the ladder to a successful career, the prospect of additional promotions within or outside his company, continued educational opportunities, and the eventual possibility of starting his or her own business are also career pathing options.

Now, getting back to the question of "How do I choose a career? The answer is -- today, people do not choose one career. They choose career paths that can twist and turn to meet the changing economy. Statistics show that in recent years people change careers at least three to four times in their lifetimes, and they hold an average of seven jobs. Remember, when we say average, that also means that 50 per cent of the people hold more than seven jobs.

The career counselor often talks with the person at length to explore the subjects the individual liked in school, what he or she considers to be personal strengths and abilities, as well as what other people have said through evaluations at work or volunteer activities. The counselor will ask about the person’s daydreams, his or her ideal job, and aspirations. Clients often feel that the time spent with the counselor leads to more insight and investigation regarding several possible career paths.

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