Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Raising Your Self-esteem To Have A Better Career !!!

Most of your frustrations and struggles during your job search have to deal with insecurity. How you feel about yourself will either spawn motivation and energy or will severely hurt your chances for a great career.
When you increase your confidence level, you are able to interview more effectively, negotiate higher salaries and, subsequently you will receive a wider number of offers. Conversely, when you fail to do so, you are going to be paid less, given fewer responsibilities and will end up accepting a position that you are overqualified for.
You can train yourself to begin to feel more confident both in life and when interviewing. 
To help, We have listed some basic exercises for you to implement in order to gain key self-esteem and momentum during job transitions:

1.     Begin refuting the thoughts pertaining to your negative self-image
2.    Learn to effectively deal with disapproval and failure 
3.    Think in action oriented terms 
4.   Stop worrying 

The right mindset will significantly boost your overall state of being and performance. When you think positively and believe in your abilities, you’ll recognize success.

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