Thursday, 26 March 2015

How to prepare for a software engineering interview !!!

How to prepare for a software engineering interview !!!

Preparing for a software interview is very tricky. You absolutely must prepare to give yourself the best possible chance to succeed at the only thing is that you usually have less of an idea of what will be on the exam than you would in a college or high school exam. But, if you do your research and put in the preparation you should have some general idea of the kind of questions that will be asked in a specific company, and you should also have some answers for those questions. This leads us to our first piece of advice.

The golden rule to preparing for a software engineering interview

Here’s my golden rule that we really think everyone should follow when looking for a new job in the software industry: Do not even start applying to jobs until you have already put in at least 40-50 hours of preparation time.

The reason we say that you shouldn’t even apply to a job until you have put in some serious preparation time is because of the fact that you will – assuming you have a decent resume – start getting a lot of responses very quickly from companies, and you will quickly be overwhelmed just talking to various recruiters, sending emails, and setting up appointments to chat with people in human resources or whoever is handling hiring. 

What to do if you’ve already applied, but haven’t prepared

You may be reading this article after already having applied to a number of jobs, or even after having faced a few rejections from different companies. In this case, we advice you  to postpone any interviews you have set up in the future in order to give yourself more time to prepare – an extra week or two could be very valuable in terms of giving you more time to do the necessary preparation work. Just because the software job market is hot does not guarantee that you will get a job – you absolutely must put in the time to prepare for every interview you have.

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