Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Skills required for Equity Analyst !!

Equity Analyst !!

An equity analyst is a person who analyzes financial data and trends for a company. An equity or financial analyst studies public records of businesses in order to predict the company’s future financial needs. The analyst writes reports on company finances and describes the business’s investment potential by assigning financial ratings, such as buy, sell, hold, etc. The equity analyst is also responsible for analyzing the budget and creating a plan to get out of debt, if the company is in such a financial situation.

Skills required for Equity Analyst !!

 1.        The said individual will be responsible for inculcating an equity advisory (direct equities) culture in the            organisation

2.        This will involve formulating and positing a direct equity proposition with appropriate marketing collaterals

3.        The above should then be used for getting direct equity allocations from existing HNI clients, as well as acquiring new clients

4.        The Equity Expert will work closely work with all the RMs in getting direct equity allocations from their clients

5.        The role will involve speaking to/ interacting with clients daily, and taking responsibility of managing the direct equity portfolio of the clients

6.        Research integrating research inputs available from in-house Institutional & Retail Research desks, as well from external sources, and also initiating research on own to support the equity sales process

7.        Creating Model Portfolios and managing client portfolios around the same, as well as through low churn equity advisory

8.        Keeping abreast of market changes and analysing stock movements/ finance of the company.

9.        Updating clients on research calls and advising them on asset allocation within their portfolio.

10.        Generating revenue in terms of brokerage income.

11.        Ensuring adherence to compliance norms of the organization

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